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Samsung Ecobubble takes the trouble out of washing

by Linden Volsun 01 Dec 2011
Samsung Ecobubble takes the trouble out of washing

Samsung Ecobubble; Credit: Samsung/

The new Samsung Ecobubble Quiet Drive is not only exceptionally quick, quiet and economic to run, it is the top eco-friendly washing machine on the market. In fact, the Ecobubble, which costs around £400, takes the trouble out of washing.

The secret of the Ecobubble Quiet Drive WF0704W7W Washing Machine is its unique ecobubble technology that uses bubbles to clean clothes up to 40-times quicker than a normal wash.

It also has an impressive range of functions and programmes that can be customised and adjusted to the owner's needs.

The economic washing machine saves money and energy, as its 15°C ecobubble wash reduces energy use by 70% compared to a normal 40°C wash - and the results are impressive, too.

Samsung Ecobubble, the economic washing machine saves money and energy

Samsung Ecobubble at work; Credit: Samsung/appliancesonline

The amazing 'bubble' action disperses the detergent very quickly, leaving no residue on the garments.

To reinforce its green credentials, the Samsung Ecobubble machine has the highest A+++ energy economy rating and its wash and spin performance is A-rated.

The machine, which takes up to a full 7kg at 1400 rpm, is quiet to run, thanks to its QuietDrive system, which removes the need for belts and gears and so reduces vibration noise to 59 decibels throughout the run. In addition, its special Diamond Drum pattern improves water efficiency and prevents clothes from bobbling and the ceramic heating system efficiently heats the water. In tests with a hand-held sound meter, noise from the machine was even quieter than levels stated in the user manual.

There are 14 specific programmes to choose from, including Dark Wash, Baby Wash, Denim and Bedding etc., which are operated via a central dial and LED control panel that are easy to use. There is even a very speedy 15-minute quick wash cycle, which is ideal for small loads.

The Samsung Ecobubble washing machine

The Samsung Ecobubble washing machine; Credit: Samsung/appliancesonline

If one of the programmes doesn't quite suit the owner's needs, it can be easily adjusted, by changing the spin speed or other requirements. The 'my cycle button' enables users to customise their personal wash options and save and store them for future use.

The Ecobubble machine boasts a handy Daily Wash programme for regular washing, along with a timer delay that allows busy owners to set the start time up to 19 hours ahead. There is also a helpful time remaining indicator that shows how the cycle is progressing and gives a clear signal at the end of the washing programme.

The Super/Extra Rinse feature takes care of a really dirty wash. Another useful feature is a reduced creasing option.

In addition to the machine's energy-saving capabilities, it features a Super Eco Wash programme.

The Ecobubble machine's large door makes it easy to view, add and remove washing.

Full Disclosure Policy: A Samsung Ecobubble was provided to the author by for the purposes of reviewing the product in action when creating this article.

Any views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author


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