Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Product FAQs

What is the packaging used for shipping orders?

All orders are shipped in eco-friendly, sustainable packaging made from natural materials, designed with the environment in mind. The rip-proof, splash-proof mailers are made from paper.

What are the wash-care instructions for products?

To ensure product and print quality and longevity, we recommend a cool wash at 30 degrees and hang drying products. Products are not suitable for high temperature washing, tumble drying, bleaching, or dry-cleaning. Ironing directly onto printed designs should also be avoided as it may cause unwanted shrinkage, fading of inks, or cracking, flaking, or peeling of prints.

Are the products sustainable?

Yes, our products are made from certified organic cotton and powered by renewable energy. Every product is designed to be returned to us when it's worn out, and we make new products from the material we recover.

What materials are used to make the art prints?

The art prints are made from premium quality 300gsm, 100% recycled heavyweight stock that is Forest Stewardship Council certified, ensuring responsible sourcing of materials that meet a wide range of social and environmental standards.

What inks are used for the art prints?

The art prints are printed using Ricoh 'liquid powder' toners, which come in recyclable cartridges and packaging.

What materials, dyes, and prints are used for making products?

As a certified organic company, we use low-waste digital printing technology and inks that conform to the GOTS/Soil Association organic criteria. Our printing technology allows for an almost unlimited range of colours and provides a quality feel. Our inks contain no animal-derived products and are not tested on animals.

Why do the colours of the design appear different on screen?

Due to the wider range of colours that a computer screen can display, colours may appear brighter on screen than on a printed product. Very bright or dark colours may also appear softer and paler when printed on a product due to ink dispersion in the fabric fibres. To better reflect how the design will appear on the final product received, we slightly alter the colour range of the design.

What is Remill?

Remill is a technology and service designed to keep good material in use and flowing, representing an example of circular economy design in action. Material is recovered and remanufactured into new products, closing the loop, and designing waste out.

Delivery FAQs

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to most countries worldwide. You can view the full list of countries we can ship to in the checkout when placing your order.

What if my country isn't on the list?

If your country isn't showing in the list, unfortunately, we cannot ship to your location. We are unable to offer to ship to a country on a one-off basis or change territories by request.

Why can't you ship to certain countries?

In a very small number of cases where we are unable to ship to a country, it's usually due to limitations with our couriers or payment processing partners in that territory, or the availability of other services that we require to operate in that country effectively. The list of countries we ship to may change, and the general trend is towards increasing the number of countries that we ship to.

Production and Shipping FAQs

How long does production take?

Our production process is fully automated and starts within seconds after the order has been placed by your customer. Most orders will leave our UK factories next working day, but we recommend allowing up to 3 working days for production to be safe.

How long does delivery take?

We try to deliver within the following timeframes: UK 3 - 5 days, EU 5 - 10 days, International 10 - 20 days. We believe in under promising and over delivering - so endeavour to deliver far quicker than these estimates.