Editorial Policy

It is important to us at The Earth Times that you can trust the veracity of the news service provided, and that there is complete transparency in connection with any opinions expressed through opinion pieces and blogs. In order to assure these objectives, contributors and staff are required to comply with the Statement of Editorial Independence and Ethical Stance outlined below.

Editorial Coverage:

The editorial remit of The Earth Times is founded on the desire to provide its readers up-to-date news, information, opinions and product information related to environmental issues throughout the world. The carriage of news content on The Earth Times website is made on a merit-only basis, where it is considered, such material will interest, educate or stimulate debate on environmental issues.

The Earth Times editorial news coverage is intended to be current, fair, ethical and accurate. Content is fact-based and the result of clear and careful analysis. Editors seek to identify the source of materials provided, to ensure all content is original, does not infringe copyright, and that any submitted news content is faithfully reporting the facts.

Opinion-based content appearing in The Earth Times blogs will be marked as expressing the opinion of the author. Where blogs and lifestyle pieces are directly sponsored by product or service vendors, this will be clearly indicated at the head of the article if applicable.

Business relationships:

The Earth Times does receive revenue and referral fees from advertising and affiliate links and via the separate shop.

Internet links:

Where hyperlinks to external sites are embedded within the content on The Earth Times, the editorial staff takes all reasonable care to make sure these are not to offensive, inaccurate or improper material. Any links provided in this way should not imply an endorsement or approval of the company/product/service, unless otherwise stated to the contrary. The Earth Times cannot and does not warrant the material contained on those third-party web sites.

Financial disclosure, trading and insider information:

The Earth Times requires that all contributors and staff ensure that no information be published that may have a bearing on securities transactions, or that may provide inside information, for any company covered; editors are required to enforce this policy. Additionally, any direct investments by contributors or staff into products being covered must be declared. This excludes investments made through investment companies, as well as financial products such as Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds.

Ethical disclosure:

The Earth Times editorial employees are required to disclose and declare any offers from third parties that could be misconstrued as implying the Earth Times is beholden to that party. This includes gifts of more than nominal value, travel, and tickets to entertainment or sporting events.

Editorial employees may use products for review, but no staff or contributors should keep a product or service for more than six months. Products provided for review should not be resold or used for commercial purposes.

Corrections and updates:

The Earth Times seeks to achieve the highest standards of accuracy and completeness in our editorial coverage. Therefore, it is our policy to ensure errors are corrected in a timely fashion, and that all clarifications or updates to any story are properly advised. No error brought to the editor's or contributor's attention will be left without correction.

Where corrections are accepted as warranted, The Earth Times will issue a new version of the content, using the same headline - or providing a copy of the previous headline for tracking purposes - prefaced with the UPDATED: tag. The first paragraph of the content will describe the correction, change or clarification. Requests for a clarification, update or correction should be made to the editor-in-chief directly using the article title as the subject line. Any such request must provide a clear explanation of the requested changes, supporting evidence and contact details.

If you have any questions regarding our editorial independence, please contact The Earth Times' editor-in-chief via: earthtimes@gmail.com.