Editorial Review

The Earth Times aims to provide a combination of up-to-date news, opinions and product information related to environmental issues, throughout the world. To that end we employ a full-time editorial staff, three contributing editors and have a range of authors writing for us - professional journalists, professional writers and environmental experts. It is important to us at The Earth Times that you can trust the veracity of the news service provided by our staff, and that there is complete transparency in connection with any opinions expressed through our opinion-pieces and blogs. In order to assure these objectives, contributors and staff are required to comply with the Statement of Editorial Independence and Ethical Stance. The task of ensuring compliance with these policies is dealt with mainly by the key team members, detailed below, following the Editorial Review Process.

Chief Editors

Jason (Executive Editor)

Contributing Editors

Paul Robinson (News, Blogs, Encyclopaedia)
Michael Evans (Encyclopaedia)
Kirsten Silven (Blogs)
Mike Campbell (General)
John Dean (General)


Louise Murray (Arctic, Nature)
Mike Campbell (Energy, Nuclear issues)
Mario Balzan (Biodiversity, Conservation)
Michael Clark (Energy, Water issues)
David Hewitt (Nature, Conservation)
Ruth Hendry (Conservation, Zoology)
Julian Jackson (Technology)

Editorial Review Process

Editors are assigned to each piece of content (News, Blog, Encyclopaedia), and follow a strict procedure to ascertain:

News specific:
  • The subjects covered by authors report on current events

This review process runs as an ongoing dialogue between assigned editor, contributor and relevant experts, until all issues resolved and content is accepted and published.


Comments are also separately and individually moderated, to ensure they do not breach the The Earth Times policy on preventing the publishing of abusive, derogatory or discriminatory material. If you have any questions regarding our editorial review policy, please contact The Earth Times editor-in-chief via: earthtimes@gmail.com.

Or write to:

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