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The Earth Times is a fast-developing online newspaper and news resource that brings its readers up-to-date information on environmental issues throughout the world. Whenever an environmental story breaks, you will find coverage in The Earth Times.

The Earth Times is proud of its growing and talented team of enthusiastic expert writers, all of whom have considerable experience in the field. Through them we are able to ensure that our readers are kept fully informed of the important world-wide green issues of the day.

The Earth Times provides an interesting mix of environmental news stories that will provoke thought as well as being an important source of environmental information and opinion. We do not simply focus on the big stories, but seek out some of more unusual and controversial environmental issues from around the world.


The Earth Times incorporates green news, blogs, and an environmental Encyclopaedia.

Our green blogs are split into various sections, green opinions (our op-ed section), green livingeco-friendly fashioneco-friendly gadgets, EV’s and ecotourism. These are regularly updated and provide information on 'green opinion' or environmentally friendly companies, products and services, to help showcase eco-conscious alternatives.

The encyclopaedia of environmental issues is an ongoing project; it is a resource intended to provide background and detail on some of the topics that affect our planet.

The encyclopaedia is being written with a broad audience in mind to make sense of conservation topics and environmental issues that more of us are becoming familiar with and interested in. You may sometimes find links in news stories or blog articles to encyclopaedia topics, which is to help our readers better understand a specific environmental issue.

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