Australia's carbon emissions rising

By Lucy Brake - 24 Apr 2011 13:49:0 GMT
Australia's carbon emissions rising

As the Australian economy recovers from the economic slowdown of 2009, the levels of carbon dioxide emissions have also risen. The latest data to be released by Australia's Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency shows that the emissions of carbon for the year of 2010 are 0.5 percent higher than the emissions from 2009.

Industrial activity is being blamed for the increasing carbon emissions which have been highlighted in the report prepared by the National Greenhouse Accounts. Even though the annual carbon emissions from the industrial processes sector only accounts for around six percent of all total emissions, the levels from this sector increased by over 13 percent.

The occurrence of unusual natural climate events experienced last year across Australia, including much cooler than normal temperatures and increased rainfall and flooding, has led to a reduction in the demand for electricity as well as an increase in hydro-electric generation.

This has ultimately led to a decline in carbon emissions by the electricity sector. The other industry that also saw a reduction in the annual emission levels was the agricultural sector.

Australia's Minister for Climate Change, Greg Combet said that the increase in carbon emissions follows a clear trend of long term growth in levels since 1990: ''Despite a temporary, short-term dip in carbon emissions as a result of reduced demand for Australian goods following the Global Financial Crisis, significant challenges remain in all sectors to reduce our carbon emissions into the future''.

These latest National Greenhouse Accounts have now been formally submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The submission confirms that the 2009 levels of carbon emissions in Australia are 103 percent above the 1990 levels, which is actually under Australia's Kyoto target emission levels of 108 percent of the 1990 levels in the 2008-2012 period.

The Minister is focused now on driving Australia's investment in a clean energy as well as the introduction of a price on carbon.


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