World Rhino Day 2014

By Dave Armstrong - 22 Sep 2014 7:32:29 GMT
World Rhino Day 2014

One solution to poaching has been the dehorning programme, here shown well in the South African veldt. It’s likely that if all the populations were dehorned, then no more poaching would be possible. A big programme, but there are so few rhino left, maybe it’s becoming a simpler operation? rhino image; Credit: © Shutterstock

ItÂ’s World Rhino Day, 2014 and as we mentioned 2 days ago, the outlook in South Africa is bad. Today is the day we all advertise the problems with all 5 species of these wonderful mammals Read the international news of events in - World Rhino Day Events.

The white and black rhinoceros of Africa, the Indian, Sumatran and Javan in Asia, all are endangered, with the Sumatran and the black critically endangered. Sub–species such as the northern white rhino are obviously even closer to extinction.

This particular day is a new international reminder for us, since WWF in South Africa started the idea 4 years ago. We have to support those fighting commercial interests and violent poachers that cater simply for an outdated folk medicine that costs the earth and the life of so many rhinos.

Our story at the weekend was this sad one - we have little more to say, apart from continuing the fight:- Kruger Rhinos Final Chance.