World Oceans Day 2013 - Oceans and People

By Dave Armstrong - 08 Jun 2013 4:1:0 GMT
World Oceans Day 2013 - Oceans and People

World Ocean Day, or according to the UN, Oceans Day is that special time when you can look back on everything you love about the beach, the islands, the ships, the diverse forms of life and the watery depths

On the 8th June, 1992, some Canadians decided the Earth Summit in Rio should declare a day to celebrate the source of life and water for all of us - the seas that surrounds Earth. The Ocean Project and the World Ocean Network have observed 'World Oceans day' day ever since and this year plane to protect the ocean as never before. We should, in fact we must promise to change one thing in our lives to help protect the marine environment and then upload a pic to your favoured social site.

The reasons for everybody to celebrate are legion, but the basics are:

  • Generates most of the oxygen we breathe

  • Helps feed us

  • Regulates our climate

  • Cleans the water we drink

  • Offers us a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines

  • Provides limitless inspiration.

    We need to change perspective in ourselves and others to fully appreciate everything the oceans have to offer, and what we offer them. Biodiversity is one of the key issues and many of the new, and old, species that we feature on Earth Times. Making small modifications in cultural habits, and functioning as a caretaker of the shore and the sea beyond is a function we all know about.

    The Marine Conservation Society is one of our prominent friends who actively clean up, while many associates concerned with sharks, fishing, whales and conservation are keenly involved. Reorganising an activity might be difficult before the end of Saturday.

    The events already advertised may be near your location, however. London, Monterey, Malaysia and the Great Barrier Reef may whet your appetite. You can watch You Tube, learn to snorkel, visit an aquarium or eat, listen and watch performances of live music.

    Dr. Seuss made you this poster - Use it!

    The World Ocean Network, or at least its triennial meetings is based at Nausicaa in Boulogne sur Mer. It has at least 3 regional organisations in the SE Atlantic, SW Atlantic and the French Caribbean (and French Guyana.)

    The Ocean Project, on the other hand, is built as an effort to inspire ocean protection, using 1700 partner zoos, aquaria and museums. Research and the encouragement of personal action is their password to greater participation around the globe.

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