Scenes of Reason:climate change and video information

By Dave Armstrong - 27 Mar 2015 3:55:48 GMT
Scenes of Reason:climate change and video information

Green Eye image; Credit: © Shutterstockimage

Leading up to Earth Hour on Saturday, Scenes of Reason have some explanatory videos for you, explaining a lot about environmental issues such as climate change. Earth Hour began 8 years ago with WWW encouraging us to save energy. Scenes of Reason are a very young organisation, literally, promoting understanding of vital issues in the UK, but such things are applicable everywhere, mainly because we are all needing to understand these essentials. Today they complete a series of topics they have prepared on environmental issues.

Before you've decided, get decoded aims to help young adults understand what climate change is and teams up with TEDX speaker and prominent young expert David Saddington to decode this disputed topic. SOR goes back to the basics to understand the facts about climate change and ask how we should approach such a topic. SOR have also teamed up with some young members of the top six British political parties and asked them to decode their policies on environment. Young voters can impartially acknowledge where each party stands on this independent issue.

This week is pretty important with World Water Day and the worldwide Earth Hour event on Saturday March 28th. It’s about time to engage people with climate change as a topic, as an issue and as something we all have to take responsibility for – it is not our job to preach but to decode so people can make their own decisions and act on their own accord.

Well said, Scenes of Reason, and Happy Earth Hour on Saturday, at whichever time your lights get hit! The video is here as:

Earth Times has some other stuff which you might want to read , on diverse climate change links such as how mature forest is much more adept at resisting climate change and helping out those species which are threatened by these changes.