Kenya Government secures Kshs.9 billion to tackle drought

By Peter Kahare - 24 Jul 2011 21:23:0 GMT
Kenya Government secures Kshs.9 billion to tackle drought

NAIROBI - Kenya. The Kenyan Government has set aside Kshs. 9 billion towards emergency relief programmes for those affected by the current drought situation in the country, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka Said Sunday the 24 July.

The government's announcement comes when the government's strategic food reserves continue to dwindle currently holding less than three million bags of food as opposed to the required eight million bags.

Musyoka noted that the devastating drought affecting East Africa and the Horn of Africa has necessitated cross-border migrations of pastoralist communities hence the urgent need to cushion them against the adversities.

Musyoka thanked the international humanitarian agencies for partnering with Kenya in assisting the famine stricken residents of Somalia, assuring that Kenya will continue supporting the refugees from warring neighboring state.

The Vice President was speaking in Nairobi, when he held talks with the visiting Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kevin Rudd.

Musyoka cited insecurity in the neighboring Somalia as the main challenge in offering humanitarian operations. However, he said Kenya has been working closely with other neighbors, particularly Ethiopia in assisting the suffering people of Somalia.

"Insecurity in Somalia, particularly in areas controlled by the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab is a major hindrance to humanitarian operations, but we are committed to assisting those in dire need of famine relief assistance," he noted.

The Australian Foreign Minister commended Kenya for her role in facilitating humanitarian operations for the famine stricken people of Somalia.

He assured that the Australian Government will identify areas in which to offer relief assistance to mitigate the ravaging drought in the horn of Africa in collaboration with the World Food Programme and UNHCR.

Provision of relief food to deserving families through the provincial administration and livestock off-off take program where the Kenyan government is buying animals from affected farmers are some of the measures taken by the government to alleviate the effect of hunger.

The current drought in the horn of Africa has been largely attributed to climate change, conflicts and increasing costs of food.

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