Environmental Concerns in the Developed World

By Titus Manickam - 01 Dec 2010 11:30:0 GMT
Environmental Concerns in the Developed World

Canada, the United States and the European Union are among the developed nations in the world. Their trade and industry puts them on top of the world list in terms of per capita. Ironically, it also tops them in terms of pollution by the same standard. But it is difficult to get them to make firm commitments to reduce environmental degradation because it will affect their industrial output. This is why these developed nations play it hard to get in the Kyoto protocol.

Unfortunately, trade concerns and environmental issues do not go hand in hand. Protagonists for trade and industry view environmental issues as detrimental to their progress. The quest for profits easily overshadows the fruits of environmental normalization.

The developed nations try to bypass environmental responsibilities through loop holes such as the carbon credits. Carbon credit is one good way of handling environmental issues. But it is not enough. Much more is required by way of technological advancements or shift to less environmentally harmful technologies in order to cope with the need for normalization of the environment.

It is important for the developed nations to take a good look at the harmful effects of environmental degradation in their backyard so that it becomes easier for them to comply with the Kyoto protocol. Over a hundred million people in North America and the European Union are exposed to unsafe air even now. Incidents of diseases like asthma are rising with coastal ecosystem disruptions due to excessive use of fertilizers in the developed world. These are some of the dangers arising from environmental degradations. Other threats result from biological contamination and trade associations with the third world.

That is why it is imperative for trade and industry in the developed world to pay greater heed to environmental issues. It will directly or inversely impact their societies and localities. There is need for governments and businesses to interact more closely to see better results environmentally.

In the final analysis, it is also important to note that businesses gain in societies with better health and atmosphere. It is huge contribution even if it means taking a little dip in the profit margins of your business.

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