Canada Bailing on Kyoto Protocol

By Michelle Simon - 30 Nov 2011 9:20:0 GMT
Canada Bailing on Kyoto Protocol

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Over the last three days rumours regarding Canada's intented bailing on the KP has not been confirmed but in all likelihood there is substance to this. Canada aligned itself to the US in Copenhagen and this alliance has strengthen in a downward spiral of non-committment to action-based visible emission reduction targets.

According to the Climate Action Network International (CAN) a coalition of several leading green organisations from Greenpeace to Oxfam to Christian Aid, if Canada is not serious, no point having them there. The EU has also been in the spotlight and will hold co-liability if Durban goes wrong and a second commitment period for KP is derailed by historical polluting culprits.

It seems there is much division on KP from the form of the legal outcome to the content and to the compliance route. The challenge is for developed countries to own their externalities and show integrity in accountability and transparency and turn the global historical dynamics of an unfair playing field into one that starts a levelling at an all encompassing level, that is, a multi-pronged environmental, economic and social. The history of global politics and colonialisation of natural resources and historical toxic dumping cannot be ignored if we are to move towards a Just Global Society.

Power plant generating smoke in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada

Power plant generating smoke in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada via Shutterstock

Delay tactics, intellectual-political constipation and fronting is not help the planet, we can't afford to procrastinate and nature certainly has no time for this. What Canada and its climate-political allies should be doing is co-operating with constructive delivery on KP and start the day with genuine legitimate good faith but it's not to late for a total turn-around.

Anything is possible in the next week and a half and hopefully leaders move with integrity and conscience.

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