GODAN: Worldwide Hunger indicates Help Needed!

By Dave Armstrong - 14 Sep 2016 18:25:0 GMT
GODAN: Worldwide Hunger indicates Help Needed!

The Ethiopian droughts have caused distress and loss of livings. The nation has fought back and with international aid, has achieved a precarious food security. The rest of the world watches, but often hungers and starves and dies, without equivalent and even greater help. A GODAN climate heroine image;

Credit: © GODAN

Climate change affects us all, if not all the time. Hunger is a different problem. Along with the lack of potable water, it kills, especially the young and the elderly. 800 million are starving at the moment, and many of us just about manage to do without breakfast. 11% of humans have crop failure, empty shops or simply can’t afford to eat. As climate change affects more and more farmers, they need more than just advice to succeed in changing their schedules. Much of our food is wasted, either from spoilage or just throwing it away, mostly in the industrialised nations. 1.3 billion tonnes in total waste away, which is a third of the total actually consumed. With rising populations creating a world total of 9 billion by 2050, we must save this lost food and produce more, unless we manage to slow the population increase. Since we reported a similar percentage loss 5 years ago, the only factor that has changed has been the population!

GODAN (Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition) have a Summit in New York today, Thursday, 15th September 2016. With many world leaders and researchers, farmers and students led by Willy Bett, the Kenyan Minister of Agriculture participants will collaborate in the largest event yet to open up the data needed to alleviate the problems in both agriculture and related nutritional areas.

The result should be Food Security for many people who currently suffer stress and hunger because of a limited food supply, lack of income, drought, war and many other severe circumstances, some of which endure throughout their lives. Wherever born, every child deserves the right food to thrive. Ethiopia for example has become one of the fastest growing economies, since its devastating famines of the 1980s. Through necessity, a food security system has survived persistent recent drought with food reserves, farmer support and open data for crop advice and changed growing conditions on an international basis. GODAN compare the situation there with California, where many farmers have lost their livelihood too, but comparison of the droughts is one of the few similarities.

354 partners ensure that GODAN is broad-based, international, accessible, both private and public sector based and, now, known to everyone (via Twitter, Facebook, etc.) The petition that will ensure your voice joins the demand to this open-ness is in THIS LINK.