New flood warnings for New York as Tropical Storm crosses northeast

By Laura Brown - 07 Sep 2011 15:46:0 GMT
New flood warnings for New York as Tropical Storm crosses northeast

New Yorkers still cleaning up after flood damage caused by Hurricane Irene have been put back on alert over warnings of heavy rain as the tail end of Tropical Storm Lee crosses the state.

Flood warnings have been issued for Pennsylvania, New Jersey and upstate New York. The National Weather Service has issued a flooding notice to Catskills and Schoharie Creek as the storm moves northeast out of Pennsylvania.

Rain levels over last week and the Labor Day weekend reached three to five inches. Across Wednesday and Thursday rain levels risk increasing to up to six inches, raising the possibility of flash flooding.

In north east Pennsylvania rising waters has forced the evacuation of residents in Wilkes Barre. The city, which was forced to evacuate two weeks ago thanks to Hurricane Irene has seen officials call for the mandatory evacuation of 3,000 residents.

Residents in New Jersey, particularly those near the Passaic River which flooded during Irene, are expecting anywhere between two and five inches of rain, which is likely to compound cleanup efforts in flooded communities.

Cost of the damage in New York caused by Hurricane Irene has already reached $1 billion. Flash flooding and further storm damage could push the bill even higher.

Tropical Storm Lee has left a wake of damage across the eastern corridor of the US. Hundreds of homes have been damaged and it is estimated hundreds of thousands are without power.

Meanwhile Hurricane Katia has now been downgraded to a Category 1 storm and is unlikely to hit land.

Top Image Credit: © Jule Berlin