Hurricane Katia becomes category 4 storm

By Laura Brown - 06 Sep 2011 8:56:56 GMT
Hurricane Katia becomes category 4 storm

The latest storm of America's coast has been reclassified as a category 4 hurricane.

Hurricane Katia, currently around 450 miles south of Bermuda is now capable of reaching winds up to 135 mph according to the National Hurricane Center. They warn of increased high suirf conditions and the danger of riptides off exposed shorelines.

The storm has moved over warmer water, allowing it to pick up speed. However analysts believe that Hurricane Katia is unlikely to hit land over the coming days in the US, but its strong winds may cause damage to the East Coast.

Hurricane force winds project out around 60 miles from the centre of the storm while tropical storm conditions can cover 200 miles from its epicentre.

Over the coming hours Hurricane Katia is expected to continue its trajectory nortwest, heading north over the next two days. It is then expected to move over colder water where its winds could decrease to around 100 mph. By Thursday it is predicted the storm will be heading towards northwest Europe.

Meanwhile a further potential hurricane is being monitored off the south coast of the Cape Verde islands. Hurricane Maria is currently an area of low pressure and the National Hurricane Centre predicts a tropical depression to form over the next day or so, which could lead to it becoming a tropical cyclone as winds and storm activity increases.

Image Credit: © NASA/NOAA GOES Project