EU and US Playing Dirty Tariffs on Solar to Impede China

By Email author - Sat, 08 Sep 2012 13:01:03 GMT
EU and US Playing Dirty Tariffs on Solar to Impede China

Solar Energy - China; Credit: © Shutterstock

China may not hold the best human rights record, but one has to recognise true progress and intention regarding their workaholic efforts in changing the planet. China has for over a decade been the leading clean energy proponent, with action and visible deliverables as opposed to the hot-air paper-promises being emitted by western powers.

Not only has the Chinese's government injected billions into subsidising the production of solar panels, they have made green energy and the associated infrastructure affordable, one of the greatest problems holding back the conversion of ordinary people from dirty technology such as coal and fossil fuel to cleaner technologies.

So the big oil bullies, the United States (US) and the European Union (EU), are trying to clamp down on China with tariffs. Economic bullies hate anyone usurping their oil-dominant economies and are not committed at grassroots level to cleaner technology.

Why is that? Cleaner energy, the real one, not the green-washing farces, means less dependency on toxic industries making them billions.

If anything, the EU and the US's unethical attack on China reflects their true non-commitment to a new energy equitable planet. A twenty percent replacement of dirty energy with clean, green energy has been achieved globally, not enough to turn the tide on climate change, but if the EU and the US are successful in suppressing China's affordable solar panel move with tariffs, this will result in a collapse of China's successful climate change campaign.

And pray tell who is behind the debacle, none other than western corporations, with their governments in tug. Earlier this year, the US imposed up to a 31% tariff on Chinese solar energy exporters. There seems to be a serious gripe by western powers regarding China's emerging global positioning. The east is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

The EU industries are now trying the age-old tactic, retrench their citizen-workers in the solar industry and blame China, this tactic has been used throughout the world by multinationals to deflect attention from the money-making schemes (the green industry is the new profit industry), poor labour protection and security, causing the retrenched workers and the working class to develop animosity and blame outside of the true enemy and focus on the false-enemy, China.

China is making a green planet affordable and the solar corporations in the west key aim is making billions of climate change, surely the profits pocketed by the elite shareowners, detached from the factory workers now being retrenched, can be redistributed to save EU jobs and shouldn't they be transformed forcibly by governments to make green energy affordable? Well that would happen if the true aim of governance is radical transformation and mitigation of climate change.

The agenda by the EU, US and big business is so visible; it's almost excruciating to observe musty Machiavellian strategies in global power politics.

There is a related Avaaz petition, which you can sign.

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