Using landfills to teach about green living in Australia

By Email author - Sat, 11 Jun 2011 14:20:00 GMT
Using landfills to teach about green living in Australia

An eco-education centre has been built inside of the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre in New South Wales, Australia, to highlight the potential for reusing the waste that comes through the centre, which would have otherwise gone into the landfill.

Through this initiative the Centre is now able to divert almost 70% of the waste they receive.

The focus of the Kimbriki Eco House and Garden is to provide a location for the local community to experience, learn and be inspired about green living, waste minimisation and organic gardening.

The centre is open to the public to visit and wander around, there are a range of adult workshops, corporate training courses and school group trips offered and the venue is available to be hired for special events and occasions.

The Eco House has been built mainly from materials that have come through the resource recovery centre.

By using the Eco House and Garden, the staff at Kimbriki can show visitors realistic and practical examples of how to compost, create 'no-dig' edible gardens, set up eco-watering systems, how microbial management of soil works, what a worm farm is, small space eco-gardening and provide ideas and initiatives for eco-living.

During last month's International Composting Week there were a number of workshops held at the Kimbriki Eco House and Garden to bring attention to the vital role worms and microscopic organisms play in creating good quality soil. The Eco Garden uses compost created at the large-scale composting facility within the resource recovery centre which is also available to the public to use on their gardens.

The Kimbriki Eco House and Garden is a very special education centre dedicated to looking at opportunities for living in a more sustainable manner by reducing our waste.

It also provides a great way to learn about the realities and practicalities of green living.

Link: Eco House and Garden

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