Tips to save money and fuel

By Email author - Mon, 20 Jun 2011 09:35:01 GMT
Tips to save money and fuel

Gone are the days of cheap petrol and gas. Today we need to be far more aware of the amount of fuel we are using in our cars, not only to keep money in our pockets but also to help protect the environment.

The first thing is try to use your car less. When you can walk, use your bicycle, take a bus or train or car pool.

Your local authority will have plenty of information on car pooling and bus and train services. Plan out your time so you are able to combine chores or errands that you need to do into just one car trip. By using your car only when it is completely necessary you will certainly save money.

When you do have to use your car there are ways that you can drive to use fuel more efficiently. Try to use your brake and accelerator as gradually as you can and try not to stop or take off suddenly.

If you are going to be waiting somewhere for a while turn off the engine as keeping a car idling actually burns up more fuel than starting the engine again.

Air conditioning in a car can really chew through the fuel so try winding down the window instead. In the winter try not to leave your car warming up for too long.

Driving at lower speeds can have a major impact on fuel efficiency. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency says "You can improve your gas mileage about 15 percent by driving at 55 mph rather than 65 mph".

Maintaining your car well will definitely reduce the amount of fuel you use. You might be surprised how much you can save by taking care of the car. Keeping the tires properly inflated, carrying out regular maintenance (such as changing spark plugs, topping up transmission fluid, etc) can all improve fuel efficiency.

Taking out any extra weight that you are carrying in the boot or in the car itself will help reduce the fuel you use, also if you have roof racks try to put things inside the car as much as possible as this will reduce the drag and as a result the fuel you burn through.

For more ideas on how to drive smart to save you money and protect the environment, have a look at some eco-driving tips the UK Automobile Association has put together.

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