The TerraCycle Program Eliminates Waste and Promotes Recycling

By Email author - Tue, 10 May 2011 14:25:00 GMT
The TerraCycle Program Eliminates Waste and Promotes Recycling

TerraCycle offers collection programs that regularly collect waste from more than 14 million people in 11 countries and convert it into more than 1500 new products and materials.

Many of the collection programs are free and focus on waste that is not recyclable via traditional methods. The items are then sold at a variety of retailers, including Walmart and Whole Foods Market.

The program was founded in 2011 and aims to eliminate the entire concept of ''waste'' by proving that everything we throw awaay is actually reusable. Tom Szaky began TerraCycle when he was just a 20-year old college freshman attending Princeton University and started by producing organic fertilizer that was packaged in used soda pop bottles.

Today, it has grown to become one of the most innovative and fast-growing 'green'' companies in the world, with offices in 11 countries that are always available for a tour that educates visitors on the company’s various eco-friendly waste management practices.

TerraCycle also has broken new ground in the realm of ''upcycling,'' which is the practice of turning waste of one form into an entirely new and usable item and is defined as ''using every aspect of waste as value.''

Examples of upcycling by the company include an insulated cooler and messenger bag made from Starburst wrappers, a Skittles eco-kite and a Capri Sun drink pouch backpack.

These items are fun, colorful and provide a great way to re-use previously unusable waste items, such as candy wrappers and drink packaging.

Consumers and companies of all types and sizes are encouraged to partner with TerraCycle to participate in diverting waste from landfills to be recycled or upcycled as part of the company’s Brigade™ waste collection programs.

For more information or to become a partner, please visit TerraCycle.