Masdar Sustainability Blogging Contest

By Email author - Fri, 13 Dec 2013 12:29:01 GMT
Masdar Sustainability Blogging Contest

The future in the heat of Abu Dhabi is hopefully a break away from fossil fuels and the use of solar power and water saving measures to achieve sustainability; Credit: © Masdar

Cities and sustainable development don't always go together. To inform and educate us all, the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (known as ADSW) is featuring the Engage Blogging contest in January.

For 5 days from 18-24 January, 2014, the renewable energy company Masdar is the host for participation from the 7th World Future Energy Summit, the 2nd International Water Summit, the 6th Zayed Future Energy Prize award ceremony and Ecowaste.

It's also possible to win a visit to Abu Dhabi in the Sheik Zayed competition, but remember previous winners have been Siemens and Professor Jose Goldenburg! In fact many high schools also won, so give it a try, if you are environmentally able!

Back to the future of sustainability, you don’t need to have a blog, but you can enter with your blog by placing a link to the Masdar Engage page. You can gain advice on how to enter the blogging contest by following the advice of Masdar's Strategic Communication Manager, Omar Zaafraani.

"Through this blogging competition we aim to create a dialogue and debate the role of cities in achieving sustainable development. The competition will also offer a platform for the global community to voice their ideas and innovative solutions to tackling the urbanization challenge."

There were 70 entries last year, inspiring worldwide discussion before the inaugural ADSW event. Sustainability is the key, possibly using ideas linked to the water, recycling or renewable energy themes connected to the ADSW week.

Go to the Engage page belonging to Masdar or enter direct at Your entry should explain some of the vital roles for "smart cities" in accommodating far more people, while using fewer resources. Here is the explanation on their Engage page.

In addition, tons of dialogue, information and advice are via social media; connect to Madsar via Twitter and Facebook or visit the Masdar website for more information.