Your pond needs You!

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Your pond needs You!

You are much more likely to find a frog in your garden pond but dragonflies, pond skaters and water beetles are also likely to join him; Credit: © The Earth Times

Pond conservation in the UK is needed. In fact we need to do more than preserve what little is left - we need to get digging.

Whereas in some countries, ponds are common, UK garden ponds form quite a proportion of the "safe" habitats for watery creatures. Birds certainly need them, as do the endangered hedgehog and many other animals, apart from the fascinating pond life that inhabits them.

Pollution from fertilizers is only one of the critical reasons for the decline of clean-water ponds and lakes in Britain. Another is the ignorance we all have about some of the habitat needs of the ponds' denizens. Even if some don't know they're there, animals and plants keep the water conditioned for others and need to have their needs met in return.

garden pond

Garden pond image; Credit: © The Earth Times

While many countryside ponds are polluted, it's assumed many more garden pond owners are aware of the dangers and may avoid using pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers themselves.

In any case garden ponds vary not only in size and water quality but in all the minibeasts, microfauna and plants they could contain. Conservation is urgent if microhabitats exist here for species that are otherwise almost extinct. Rhinos and elephants apart, it's possible! (Look at the frog's progress in recent years).

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