Bacardi joins Coke

By Email author - Thu, 22 Sep 2011 20:40:00 GMT
Bacardi joins Coke

Apart from the obvious combination, the two giant drinks companies have also both been certificated by the Carbon Trust this year. Bacardi join 500 other illustrious Carbon Trust members such as GlaxoSmithKline, who have finally, after several years, achieved "global" certification, in 65 countries.

The 13% cut in  Bacardi's UK carbon footprint beats Glaxo's 4% hands down and emphasises the competitive business attitudes that have brought leading sportsmen to represent Bacardi ("Champions drink responsibly", say Schumacher and Nadal) and had them awarded leading "Triple Crown" quality and Health and Safety awards. To help others follow in their footsteps, the ways Bacardi achieved this reduction in the UK were:

* measuring energy usage and sharing best practice

* recycling distillation heat in Scots whisky distilleries

* they bought 4 hybrid electric cars for their Winchester (Hampshire) site

* giving John Dewar employees an awareness campaign on energy saving

* installing boiler and still-house modifications in their MacDuff distillery

The lead given by Carbon Trust could be followed by any organisation, including local councils and office based organisations, as proved by the rich diversity now appearing among the 500 certifications.

We can all be encouraged that, in addition to Bacardi's UN. Compact and a "Bonsucro" award for encouraging environmental responsibility concerning sugar cane, large companies in the drinks and entertainment areas have taken up the green banner, presumably to bolster sales among a more environment-conscious public. In all 43 million tons of CO2e have been cut from UK emissions. Compared to other countries, the UK has fewer emissions than India or Germany, but more than Canada.

In reality we need to look closely at companies and countries that reduce their emissions more efficiently. Bacardi's 13% and the UK average 18% seem encouraging. However, after a year 2000 dip, Germany for example has been more successful than Britain in keeping down emissions, even though they have higher per capita and overall emissions. The figures are graphed here for Germany and here for the UK.

Well done to Bacardi, and any organisation that uses so much energy to enhance our happy hours. We do seem to be adopting real green credentials at every level now and it may take only small combined efforts to maintain our low emissions profile and gradually improve the technology that creates the problem. Now how about the energy wasted in creating those cold beers in the middle of Winter?

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