Costa Rica: The Finca Rosa Blanca Plantation and Inn

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Costa Rica: The Finca Rosa Blanca Plantation and Inn

The Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn belongs to a progressive Sustainable Tourism Certification program, and is in fact the initiative's highest - ranking member with a perfect score of one-hundred percent.

The property boasts thirteen luxurious rooms and is located on an eco-friendly organic coffee plantation in the high country of Costa Rica. Perched on a green knoll just 30 minutes north of San Jose, visitors are sure to enjoy the colorful gardens and the lovely view of Central Valley, which lies below the inn.

Finca Rosa Blanca strives to demonstrate that luxury and sustainability can live together in perfect harmony and great pains have been taken to provide guests with an upscale vacation experience that also saves energy and natural resources, while having a very low impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Solar panels are used to heat water, while all electrical systems are underground to keep people and animals safe and the view unspoiled.

The coffee is organically grown and the leftover pulp is recycled as fertilizer.

The water in the swimming pool is cleaned using a copper/silver ionization system instead of harsh chemicals, and all of the bathrooms at the inn use water-saving, one gallon flush toilets.

In addition, the Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn hires only locals and also makes considerable charitable donations to the local schools and the surrounding community.

The peaceful ambience of the Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn is enhanced by the fact that only walking, horseback riding and transport by electric vehicles are permitted.

Guests are asked to park gasoline-powered automobiles in a large and guarded lot across the street.

Your hosts will be owners Glenn and Teri Jampol, who will see to it that you feel more like a valued visitor to their home than an ordinary guest in a hotel.

Finca Rosa Blanca Plantation and Inn provides many additional activities, including paths for walking through the lush tropical gardens and the nearby forests.

A naturalist is on hand to point out the various native plants and wildlife, and guests can also enjoy the beauty of the forest from horseback and ascend more than four thousand feet to view the Barva Volcano at Braulio Carillo National Park.

In the evening, a band of local Mariachi musicians is likely to stop at your table while you are dining, and you can sing along if you wish.

There is a deck for sunbathing and chilled organic wine to drink while soaking up the view.

For more information or to book a visit, please visit The Finca Rosa Blanca Plantation and Inn.

Image Credit: © Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation & Inn

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