Levendi's Estate holiday destination

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Levendi's Estate holiday destination

Nestled atop a hillside on the enchanting island of Ithaca in Greece, Levendi's Estate is an ideal retreat for families, honeymooners, and all other vacationers who are seeking a fabulous, eco-friendly getaway.

Quality and hospitality run rampant at this luxurious and mythical destination, which was once home to Homer's Odysseus and still holds a captivating magic to this day. Vacationers can expect to enjoy spectacular sea views, lush green valleys, and a long list of holiday activities that can suit any skill level.

Levendi's Estate spans 7 acres and in addition to being a hot holiday spot, is home to a farm that produces organic olive oil. Four houses comprise the estate, each one exquisitely framed with fragrant garden terraces that boast stunning, panoramic views. A swimming pool and other outdoor amenities, such as cycling, trails and archaeological excursions, are sure to fulfill each visitor's expectations of a modern yet ancient Grecian paradise.

Levendi's Estate in Ithaca Greece

Image: Levendi's Estate, Ithaca Greece, Credit: Copyright © Levendi's Estate

In celebration of its 15th year, Levendi's will be implementing new activities and amenities to add to the already varied list of options, which includes cooking classes, Pilates and yoga classes, a jogging track, holistic massage therapies, cycling and walking trails, to name only a few.

The peacefulness of Levendi's Estate is legendary, with no televisions or air conditioning generators to disturb the quiet tranquility.

Levendi's Estate was conceptualized as an addition to the terraced olive groves that already existed here. It is a perfect vacation destination for eco-conscious travelers who expect high standards for comfort in a world-class facility.

This unique getaway manages to respect the natural wonder of Ithaca, highlighting rather than detracting from its natural beauty.

The goal was to create a place where a working farm and a vacation destination could work together to create a more sustainable future.

For more information, please visit Levendi's Estate online.

Contact Details: Levendi's Estate, Alphales Bay, Ithaca Greece, +30 6944 169 770, levendis@otenet.gr

Top Image Credit: Copyright © Michael Mulkens

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