Lahuen-Co boutique eco-lodge and thermal spa

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Lahuen-Co boutique eco-lodge and thermal spa

Lahuen-Co is a boutique eco-lodge which combines adventure programs in an incredible and wild setting, with unique wellness services and a spa based on natural hot springs.

Lahuen-Co is a boutique eco-lodge

Image Credit: © Lahuen-co

Deeply secluded in the native rain forest of Lanin National Park, Lahuen-Co boutique eco-lodge is located very close to the Argentine-Chilean border, in Northern Patagonia. It puts at your fingertips a bouquet of pristine lakes, unspoiled mountain streams, a hanging glacier and a myriad of volcanic phenomena.

Lahuen-Co boutique eco-lodge

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Carefully developed guided outings take visitors to intimate with pristine nature, fishing in a solitary lake, trekking on volcanoes or through the unique woods and natural bonsai forest and horseback riding on the moonlike lava sceneries.

Lahuen-Co is a boutique eco-lodge and thermal spa

Image Credit: © Lahuen-co

Visitors are invited to participate in the programs of continuous improvement for sustainability, getting the unique chance of learning on new good practices as well as incorporating new ideas and innovation in the field.


Image Credit: © Lahuen-co

The SPA provides for the perfect summit of the journey, being it soaking in the thermal caldarium, enjoy a tone-up Vichy shower, a professional massages or the delicious and healthy gastronomy: Practice yoga or tai chi, take a revealing walk through the spring's valley or a meditation in silence in front of a waterfall.

Lahuen-Co boutique ecolodge and spa

Image Credit: © Lahuen-co

This hotel is unique in many senses: its location, in the very heart of the attractions, allows for an easy trim of the experience to visitors' desire. One can spend the day at the preferred activity, say fishing in one of the nearby lakes, while a trip companion may have trekked the lava river to the saddle and walked on glacier ice. Both would yet meet at the thermal pools or enjoy a massage in parallel for the couple.

Lahuen-Co eco-lodge autumn

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