Kangaroo Island - The Galapagos of Australia

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Kangaroo Island - The Galapagos of Australia

A place to escape to, a place to see the beauty of the natural world; Kangaroo Island is a very special ecotourism destination.

Words really do fail to describe the beauty of this island. Kangaroo Island, fondly known by many as the Galapagos of Australia, is a pristine wilderness that is home to a vast amount of animals that are native to Australia.

This island, at over 150km long, boasts towering cliffs, sparkling white beaches, huge sand dunes, dense forest and literally acres of wilderness. The beaches are deserted and the landscapes are stunning.

kangaroo island beach

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There are heaps of walking tracks you can wander along to enjoy spotting the rare and unusual wildlife and wildflowers. From some of these treks you can also see dolphins and migrating birds out in the bay. The chance to see kangaroos with joeys in their pouches and nesting platypus' in the spring is a pretty unique experience. One of the attractions that Kangaroo Island is most famous for is the little penguins who head inland every night at Penneshaw after spending a day out in the ocean searching for food.

Not only does Kangaroo Island provide a unique opportunity to see Australia's native wildlife up close but some of Australia's finest gourmet foods are produced from the wonderfully fertile land and the bountiful waters. Hand-made sheep's cheese, tasty honey, distinctive varieties of Kangaroo Island wines and freshly caught King George Whiting can all be tasted during your visit here. You can also buy some of the locally distilled eucalyptus oil, a wonderful natural essential oil.

kangaroo on a beach at sunset

Image Credit: © Yahya Idiz

Kangaroo Island is home to over 4,000 people, many of whom have lived on the island for generations fishing the seas and farming the land. A thriving community of artists offer you the chance to gain a small insight into the rich history and culture of Kangaroo Island.

Don't worry about whether you have enough money to stay here as there is accommodation here to suit everyones budget. Choices of places to stay on the island vary from outdoor swags, a very Australian-style of sleeping outdoors, to cottages and super-luxurious retreats.

This is most definitely one of Australia's most exclusive destinations for seeing wildlife and experiencing a unique culture; one that is not to be missed.

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