Jackson Hole's Eco-Friendly Hotel Terra Delivers Luxury with a Conscience

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Jackson Hole's Eco-Friendly Hotel Terra Delivers Luxury with a Conscience

Located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming near both Yellowstone and the Grand Teton national parks, Hotel Terra offers a sustainable yet luxurious getaway experience in the heart of the American west. With a wide variety of activities available in both the winter and the summer months, this eco-conscious hotel and spa is truly one of a kind.

From skiing and snowboarding to hiking, biking and a variety of exciting wildlife expeditions, Hotel Terra is truly a nature lover's paradise. During the winter months, guests can even try their hand at dog sledding, or take a scenic ride in a horse-drawn sleigh.

But perhaps the most exciting feature at Hotel Terra is its commitment to environmentally sustainable building and operating practices. Among the hotel's accollades, it has earned a coveted LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, making it one of only a few hotels in the US to earn such a distinction.

As part of the Hotel Terra's LEED certification, along with other practices and elements it has adopted by choice, it currently offsets 100 percent of its electric and natural gas power, uses low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) carpets, sealants, paint and adhesives, captures natural daylight in more than 90 percent of the hotel's interior spaces, and uses radiant heating in the flooring. In addition, the hotel has established state-of-the-art systems to aid in water conservation, including dual flush toilets, low flow shower fixtures, solar powered faucets and native landscaping, resulting in a 34 percent reduction in annual water use.

Other eco-friendly practices include Low-E energy efficient windows, natural runoff mitigation, energy recovery technology that recoups up to 81 percent of the heat in the air, elimination of light pollution, compact fluorescent light bulbs and 100 percent organic cotton bed linens.

The on-site spa also uses only organic products, and the entire resort was constructed using 80 percent recycled content in the steel. In addition, a coal burning byproduct known as fly ash was used to replace at least 25 percent of the concrete in the structure, which reduces energy consumption and eliminates waste.

For more information or to book a visit to Hotel Terra, visit www.hotelterrajacksonhole.com.

Image Credit: Hotel Terra, Jackson Hole.

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