Hop on your bike and explore the Mekong Delta

By Email author - Fri, 20 May 2011 08:20:00 GMT
Hop on your bike and explore the Mekong Delta

Visitors to Vietnam often head to this fascinating country looking to immerse themselves in its extraordinary history and culture.

But if you are keen on visiting a place without damaging the environment at the same time then have a think about taking a bicycle tour and you will find you are rewarded with a very special ecotourism experience.

There are many different cycle trips you can take but a particular favourite is the tour of the Mekong Delta.

Here you will get to delve deeply into the real southern Vietnam as you slowly meander around the region on cycle touring routes.

The Mekong Delta boasts a rich diversity of culture and tradition and witnessing this as you slowly travel through will give you a unique perspective on this very distinct part of the world.

What better way to enjoy all the diversity of the world than to explore such special region cycling through rice fields, over little wooden bridges, alongside canals and orchards and stopping local temples for a well-deserved rest.

One of the best things about touring by bicycle is that you leave behind the rush of cities and join the local people as they go about their daily lives.

Vietnamese and Khmer people live alongside Chinese communities, where they all rely on the fertile plains and tributaries of the majestic Mekong River, and it is here that many of the villagers use bicycles to get around.

Being on a bicycle doesn't mean you will miss out on many of the extra activities and adventures. You can park your bike and enjoy a trip out to one of the floating villages where people survive by farming fish or you can take an early boat to a floating market to purchase your food and supplies for the day.

There are plenty of tour operators who will arrange your itinerary and lodgings for you as well as carry your excess baggage, or you can take care of all this yourself and follow the road less travelled.

This mode of travel means you can really experience the very essence of the Mekong Delta and Vietnam and know that you are leaving behind only your tyre marks.

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