The Eco-Friendly Hamanasi Resort Hotel in Belize

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The Eco-Friendly Hamanasi Resort Hotel in Belize

Located in northernmost Central America on the Caribbean sea, Belize is the only country in the region that has chosen English as its official language.

Bordered to the north by Mexico and to the south and west by Guatemala, Belize is home to the stunning and eco-conscious Hamanasi boutique resort, which is located at the foot of the magnificent Maya mountains just south of the city of Hopkins Village.

The Hamanasi resort boasts hundreds of feet of private Caribbean oceanfront property on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in all of Belize.

Just a short flight from major hubs like Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami and New York, this tropical paradise is the perfect place for  eco-conscious travelers from around the world to relax and unwind.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Hamanasi resort in Belize, however, is its deep commitment to responsible tourism practices. In fact, the popular getaway destination has worked hard to cultivate a strong understanding of the stunning biodiversity that can be found throughout the surrounding environment and the culture of the indigenous people of Belize.

Hamanasi is taking important steps to help preserve the local ecosystem and to create awareness and appreciation for the natural world and the diversit of the local culture.

Eco-friendly practices at the Hamanasi resort include recycling and reusing items whenever possible, according to a progressive Environmental Management Policy. These efforts have resulted in the resort being awarded the coveted Green Globe certification, which led to additional national recognition by the Belize Tourism Board.

In addition, Hamanasi has been chosen by Conservation International and the Belize Tourism Board to be part of the pilot version of a new environmental walk-through project that uses methodology developed by the Caribbean Association of Sustainable Tourism (CAST) and the Rainforest Alliance. The goal of the program is to reduce damage to the environment that is caused by the travel and tourism industry.

With a wide variety of watersports available to suit every skill level, Hamanasi is also a mecca for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, with a full line of equipment available for rent or purchase. In addition, the resort offers kayaks and bikes at the front desk, as well as spa services like in-suite massages, manicures and pedicures.

For more information or to book a vacation, visit Hamanasi Resort Hotel.

Image Credit: Hamanasi Resort.

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