Eco-Aventura is a specialized travel agent based in Patagonia

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Eco-Aventura is a specialized travel agent based in Patagonia

Eco-Aventura is a specialized travel agent established in Patagonia, at the very heart of the Lake Region. We are a family in love with this amazing area, so much so, that we left our urban lives to live and share our passion here in Patagonia.


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We assure fabulous experiences in the most surprising wild scenery, taking visitors to trek on the mythical Lanin volcano up to its hanging glacier, to ride a horse in the native rain forest of Patagonian Andes, to row on a kayak or a Canadian canoe, and cross the solitary crystal clear lakes of Northern Patagonia.

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And if you feel like, we invite to enrich the expedition with unique spa services, the sharing of a guided meditation or a stretching session, right in the heart of Lanin National Park, and always with the least of people around.

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Programs are unique in many senses: mostly by the chances for the trimming of the experience to visitors' desire. Considering that when it comes to mountain activities taste is so diverse, we specialized in offering trip plans that allow any group member to share those activities which suit best for all the individuals, while assuring excellent options for those who prefer to spend her or his time in a different way, in any particular day. No second bests.

Eco-Aventura tours

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And there is always the time for unwind in a spa, share a special dinner and discuss each one's day and private highlight.

Eco-Aventura vacations

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