Cuixmala estate and resort destination

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Cuixmala estate and resort destination

Originally built to be the private residence of Sir James Goldsmith, today the Cuixmala estate and resort offers distinguished travelers from around the globe the chance to enjoy a vast, unspoiled environment situated in the heart of Mexico's pristine Pacific coast.

Goldsmith was a regular visitor to the region and established a stunning ecological reserve and environmental protection program at Cuixmala in 1988 that is still in existence. Today, his heirs have continued his Eco-conscious vision and have also opened the estate to guests.

Comprised of more than 25,000 acres of stunning private land, hidden lagoons and beachfront property, Cuixmala can easily accommodate a variety of needs, including a family vacation, an adventure holiday or a romantic couple's retreat.

Guests can choose from luxurious rental villas or private casitas that are scattered throughout the grounds, which are still home to many varieties of native wildlife and unspoiled natural areas.

The guest experience at Cuixmala is reflective of the philosophy lived by the family who owns the property. Their most important goal is to preserve and protect the natural environment surrounding the resort, which is done by supporting a wide variety of ongoing programs that are carried out by the Cuixmala Ecological Foundation.

These include restoring degraded areas, maintaining the infrastructure necessary to operate the reserve and managing endangered species indigenous to the reserve.

The foundation has also conducted a wide variety of important ecological research over the last 15 years to help determine the direction of future conservation efforts. Environmental educational programs are also fundamental to the program's core philosophy and are held regularly to to teach both guests and locals about the importance of preserving the natural environment.

In addition, most of the food that is served at the Cuixmala resort is cultivated on the property's very own organic farm, which helps to reduce its carbon footprint while supporting and encouraging sustainable farming practices in the region.

For further details, please visit Cuixmala online.

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