Concordia Eco-Tents are a sustainable vacation alternative

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Concordia Eco-Tents are a sustainable vacation alternative

St. John is now debuting the newest of its fabulous resorts. Concordia Eco-Tents are complete with a long list of amenities yet have been perfectly merged with updated, sustainable, and site-sensitive technologies that are raising the bar in ecotourism.

Located only 25 minutes from Maho Bay on the island of St. John, USVI, the Eco-Tents and Estate Concordia Studios are easily accessed by rental car and provide stunning vistas.

These comfortable, sustainable accommodations offer visitors direct access to the atmosphere and lifestyle for which the

Caribbean has become well-known worldwide.

The Concordia Eco-Tents are not unlike the popular tent cottages that are located at the nearbt Maho Bay Camps, but they provide more extensive amenities and modern conveniences, such as private toilets, showers and solar energy.

The tents also come standard with elaborate kitchens located in each unit. In addition, among the new units that have recently been added, five offer convenient wheelchair access.

The Concordia Eco-Tents units can typically accommodate up to five or six adults, via several twin beds and a queen-size daybed.

A dining area and large screened-in windows allow

nature-loving guests to admire the region's exquisite flora and fauna up close and personal, without actually sleeping outside.

These high-tech structures enjoy a highly favorable location on the dramatic island of St. John and are designed to ensure that all guests will experience a unique set of comforts that nourish both body and soul.

As for nearby activities, some of the most beautiful scuba diving and snorkeling in the entire Caribbean is available on this side of St. John, while the Maho Bay Water Sports Center is happy to arrange for guests to enjoy these and a wide variety of other water sports and exciting leisure activities that are available at Maho.

Open during the summer season, the Café Concordia offers guests a relaxed dining experience that is complete with spectacular oceanic views, while the nearby Concordia Store has an ample array of food and beverages for guests in need of a meal or snack on the go.

The resort's on-site Meeting Pavilion was created as a place for guests to enjoy yoga classes, special evening entertainment and a wide variety of interesting workshops.

For more information please visit Concordia Eco Tents.

Top Image Credit: © 2011 Maho Bay Camps & Estate Concordia Preserve. All rights reserved.

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