The 2012 Ford Focus Electric zero emissions vehicle

By Email author - Thu, 05 May 2011 14:08:00 GMT
The 2012 Ford Focus Electric zero emissions vehicle

Tired of having to fill up on expensive gasoline and being reliant on polluting fossil fuels to power your transportation? If you answered yes, be sure to check out the new, 2012 Ford Focus all-electric car.

With powerful, state-of-the-art batteries that provide power and a revolutionary new instrument panel that allows drivers to easily and accurately measure energy consupmtion while out on the road, the new Focus promises to bring electric cars into the mainstream and to revolutionize the way we drive.

The 2012 Ford Focus comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery system that allows the all-electric engine to use less energy and generate less heat than traditional vehicles, which means good things for your carbon footprint.

In addition, it will offer a highly competitive mpg equivalent compared to other electric vehicles and comes standard with tools to help drivers get the most mileage out of every charge.

For example, the Brake Coach feature helps encourage optimal use of the car's regenerative braking system by displaying the amount of energy that is captured each time the car comes to a halt.

The Ford Focus Electric will also offer drivers access to a handy Electric Vehicle app that is compatible with most smartphones and allows you to monitor and control the charging of the car from virtually anywhere.

It also allows you to easily determine the range that can be reached by the car's current charge at any given time and helps drivers locate the nearest charging stations and most efficient routes. In addition, the app will give drivers an estimate of the money and CO2 emissions

The batteries in the new Ford Focus Electric can be charged via an optional 240-volt charging station that can be installed, which will provide a full charge in just 3 to 4 hours.

It also comes standard with a 120-volt cord, which can be used in your existing garage with any traditional outlet.

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