offers recycling options for yesterday's gadgets

By Email author - Wed, 15 Jun 2011 10:50:52 GMT offers recycling options for yesterday's gadgets

Getting cash for clunkers has arrived in the 21st century with a way to cash in on your old electronic waste (or e-waste). offers customers the service to scrap any excess gadgets in an effort to promote the expanding social movement of going green.

Such gadgets include laptops, computers, cell phones, smart phones, PDA's, mp3 players, calculators, external drives, game consoles, digital cameras, streaming media devices and many more! will refurbish and eventually resell the collected items. This will hopefully help reduce electronic waste by extending the lifecycle of many items that would just merely have been thrown away.

For the items that are too dilapidated to be fixed, offers an extensive network of electronics recyclers that will harvest the raw materials for reuse and properly dispose of the rest.

When visiting, your cash refund begins by searching for the item that you want to recycle. Once found, you will be prompted to give a description and rate the condition of the item.

The site will then calculate the fair market value of the item, as well as an amount of rewards points that you stand to receive by selling your gadget. has a strong relationship with blue book and fair market partners in addition to a variety of proprietary industry tools that set the highest of standard for property valuation.

These abilities and set standards are also accepted by official organizations such as the IRS and FBI.

If accepted, will send you a certified check, or you can choose to donate to one of their partner charities. Rewards points are also redeemable for purchases in the re-Commerce Store, and they will never expire. A membership application is required in order to receive and keep track of both your reward points and your cash returns. is a publicly traded company (YCNG) and encourages consumers not only to network with going green, but also to be a part of the only e-recycling program that offers cash back and reward points that can build up and count towards future purchases of refurbished items. Going green has never been so rewarding!

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