Worth a look: USBCELL rechargeable batteries

By Email author - Tue, 17 May 2011 07:45:00 GMT
Worth a look: USBCELL rechargeable batteries

USBCELL rechargeable batteries are easy to use, save money and prevent unnecessary waste. USBCELL is a company with a mission: To invent and deliver technologies that give eco-conscious consumers the option to charge mobile and home devices in ways that are highly functional, kind to the pocketbook and eco-friendly.

Today an estimated 15 billion batteries are unnecessarily discarded each year, in part because traditional batteries are not capable of keeping up with the power demands of modern technology. These discarded batteries waste precious resources and create a toxic brew in landfills that leeches into groundwater and pollutes our waterways and drinking supply. Not only are USBCELL rechargeable batteries eco-friendly, but they also are much more cost-effective and prevent the need to constantly remember to purchase new batteries.

Since past versions of rechargeable batteries were dependent on plug-in wall chargers, adapters, or both, they were not truly ''portable'' in the way modern life requires, making old-school, single-use alkaline cell batteries the most popular power source for most consumers and manufacturers.

USBcell makes these limitations a thing of the past and enables users to recharge batteries anywhere using a common USB port. This makes it much easier to charge devices from work, home or while on the go.

USBCELL batteries can be used in any device that runs on conventional batteries, including wireless keyboards, remote controls, MP3 players, wireless game consoles, digital cameras and many more. Moxia Energy, the parent company behind the new USBcell technology, is also planning to release batteries that will work in cell phones, a colorful line of 'fashion' batteries, and a 9V battery cell format.

Interestingly, the batteries plug directly into the USB port of any computer or other device, simply by twisting back the cap and are reusable up to hundreds of times, making them a much more eco-friendly alternative to conventional batteries.

For more information or to make a purchase, please visit USBCell.

Top Image Credit: © Moixa Energy Ltd.

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