TrickleStar Energy Saving Devices

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TrickleStar Energy Saving Devices

TrickleStar prides itself on creating products that are affordable, easy to use and help to reduce everyday energy consumption in new and innovative ways. TrickleStar is committed to developing business practices that are considerate of the environment and the impact we all have on the planet.

As part of these efforts, the company is mindful of the processes and materials that are used, as well as the end products that are produced, and is committed to the idea that going "green" is good for the planet, consumers and business.

TrickleStar Energy Saving Products currently include:

Advanced Powerstrips: Provide premium surge protection for PCs, TVs and other peripherals, while also automatically reducing the amount of vampire power that is consumed by these devices.

PC TrickleSaver: Works with most existing powerstrips to reduce vampire power that is consumed via automatic detection of use.

Advanced PowerTap: Advanced surge protection for PCs and TVs, as well as advanced reduction of the amount of vampire power that is consumed. Automatically senses when a device is in use and powers off when it is not. Requires no software or special configuration.

Daily and Weekly Timers: Significantly reduce energy consumption and the amount of vampire power that is wasted by appliances with these simple to use, high quality, cost-effective timers. Works with a wide variety of appliances, such as water pumps, coffee machines, lights, plug-in air conditioning units, water heaters, fans, etc.

Z-Wave Remote Controller: Works with a wide variety of compliant devices, including dimmers, automatic blind controllers and a variety of PC and Mac application software.

TrickleStar was founded in 2007 and focuses on continually improving upon its foundation of intelligent design and responsible manufacturing methods. The website even offers a Standby Power Calculator that will show you approximately how much energy, carbon dioxide and money you can save by using each of their products.

For more information, visit the TrickleStar site.

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