Solio solar chargers for smartphones, cameras and more

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Solio solar chargers for smartphones, cameras and more

Based in Oakland, California, Solio is part of the Better Energy Systems coporation, which creates hand-held solar charging devices that store energy to be used in powering lights, smartphones, MP3 Players, GPS devices, digital cameras and handheld readers.

The company prides itself in producing items that are both highly portable and reliable, focusing on catering to the needs of business travelers, students and entrepreneurs who rely on their techno gadgets to take care of business on a daily basis.

Solio Mono Emergency Hybrid Solar Charger

In addition, the Solio corporate culture has evolved with a sharp focus on reaching energy equality, which is the fundamental belief that all human beings around the world are entitled to clean energy and the light it can provide. In some areas this can mean the difference between education and failure in school, especially when students need light by which to study and a portable, rechargeable power source. Solio understands this and is committed to providing designs that will help fight poverty and continue to bring cheap clean energy to families in need around the world.


The company currently offers four products, including the Mono, the Rocsta, the Classic, and soon, the Bolt. The Mono requries 20 hours of sunlight to fully charge, while the Rocsta requires 10 hours of sunlight, and the Classic and Bolt require 9 hours. Their capabilities for charging devices vary from between 9 hours and 4.5 hours, depending on the type of device and the way it is being used. In addition, the products come with a carrying case and are USB compatible.

Solio Mono-A Hybrid Solar Charger

Amazingly, the new Solio Bolt can hold a charge for up to one year and can give most smartphones at least two or more complete charges. It easily connects to the USB charging cable that comes with most devices and makes it a breeze to stay in touch while on the go without continuously searching for wall plugs. In addition, the Bolt itself can be charged via the sun, a USB cord, or the wall, making it fully functional even at night or on a very overcast day.

For more information, please visit Solio online.

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