solBAT II Solar Powered Backup Battery and Charger

By Email author - Mon, 30 May 2011 09:14:00 GMT
solBAT II Solar Powered Backup Battery and Charger

Manufactured by Scosche industries, the solBat II is a Solar Powered charger and backup battery for USB devices, including iPod's, iPhone's, MP3's, Blackberry's, cell phones and many others.

Since it features a built-in solar cell that draws energy directly from the sun, the solBat II creates no pollution or other harm to the environment.

In addition, it is priced lower than most other backup battery and solar charger units.

The convenience provided by the solBat II means that you will always be able to place a cell phone call that you really need (or want) to make, and you will always be able to check your email, surf the Internet, or listen to your favorite music thanks to the ability to maintain full battery power in your USB device.

Whenever the battery gets low, all you have to do is connect the gadget to the solBat II and you'll be back in business.

The solBat II is also quite solidly built. It is small and compact, with dimensions of about 3.8 inches by 2 inches by one-half inch, which is very close to the size of a standard cell phone.

At just over 3 ounces, the device is also lightweight and thus extremely portable.

You can literally take it anywhere you go, including work, school, shopping, parties, the beach or on a camping trip.

The solBat II also comes with a convenient carabiner for attaching it to a backpack or belt loop, so you can also take it along when you go hiking, bike riding, hunting, fishing and any variety of other activities.

The device even boasts a car windshield cradle with two suction cups, so that it can soak up the rays of the sun as you drive.

The solBat II has an Internal 1500ma lithium-ion battery for storing the energy it absorbs from the sun. It also comes with a USB charging cable, which enables the user to power up the device from any USB charger, such as a laptop or computer.

For more information, please visit Scosche online.

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