Resell and recycle with EcoSquid online

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Resell and recycle with EcoSquid online

EcoSquid is an online hub that makes reselling and recycling electronics a 'no-brainer.' Simply sign up for a free account and the website will instantly search the web to collect and compare all available cash offers and recycling options for a variety of gadgets.

EcoSquid's simple three-step process helps keep toxic items and non-biodegradable plastic out of landfills and allows items that still function properly to complete their intended life cycle in the hands of a new owner.

By typing the name or model of your gadget into EcoSquid's search engine and then clicking on 'Find Matching Offers,' you will gain access to a multitude of sources who wish to buy or recycle your product. From here, you simply need to select the best deal. Next, you will be directed to the buyer's website, where you will be prompted to fill out a pre-paid mailer, mail your device and receive payment.

There are similar instructions for mailing a product off to be recycled. With each selling or recycling transaction, and with each friend referral, you will also earn points for rewards, which allow members to purchase items at a discounted price.

Items that can be resold or recycled on EcoSquid include: Cell phones, MP3 Players, Tablets/E-readers, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, and Game Consoles. In addition, the service is currently working to increase the list of items it can accept. Among the items that can only be recycled are: Cables, rechargeable batteries, monitors and laptops.

Those who buy most of the products on EcoSquid are not typically individuals, but companies that specialize in buying, refurbishing and reselling electronic products. Furthermore, EcoSquid only works with buyers who have received excellent marks from the Better Business Bureau.

Each time you review a cash offer for your product, you will be given the opportunity to read customer reviews for that business and to utilize EcoSquid's "Compare Services" function to learn even more about the company.

Keep in mind that although buyers are supposed to wipe your personal data from the device upon receipt, removing that information is ultimately your responsibility.

The benefits of selling your gadgets on EcoSquid are two-fold, it not only helps put money back into your pocket, but it is an environmentally friendly and socially responsible thing to do.

Further information can be found at EcoSquid online.

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