The Logitech Wireless Solar-Powered Keyboard

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The Logitech Wireless Solar-Powered Keyboard

It is estimated that there are over 15 billion batteries dumped into landfills in the USA each and every year. Let's face it, any number over zero is too many. All these batteries can potentially leak lead, cadmium, nickel hydride and other chemicals into our groundwater and contaminate our soil.

This toxic brew not only renders the soil useless but will also foul our drinking supply. Part of the reason for so many batteries being discarded is that they simply cannot keep up with the demands of modern technology.

Logitech has introduced a new wireless solar powered keyboard that is designed to eliminate the need for batteries. It even works inside in a standard lighted room, so you don't have to work only near a window or outside on a sunny day. With convenience like this, battery hassles will soon be a thing of the past.

Keeping with the eco-friendly theme, Logitech has used completely PVC-free construction methods and the packaging is fully recyclable. The design is intended to create a minimal footprint.

The wireless, (K750) has a variety of features that all customers can appreciate, including:

A thin profile of only 1/3 inch thick give the device a streamlined look.

Happy hands keystrokes mean that every keystroke will be comfortable, fluid and whisper quiet.

A long range wireless connection with 2.4 GHz frequency virtually eliminates interference, drop outs and delays.

Plug and play setup is automatic. Simply plug the receiver into any available USB port and begin typing right away. No troublesome software to install.

The universal receiver will work with any compatible wireless mouse, so there is no hassle of dealing with multiple receivers.

The K750 charges wherever there is light and even in pitch black conditions, it will stay charged for at least three months, so you can say goodbye to batteries forever.

The Solar App will let you know how much power you are getting from the sun or your desk lamp. It will even tell you how much power you have left.

Logitech also has a trade-in program, so instead of throwing out your old keyboards (and other gadgets) you can return them to Logitech and receive a discount of up to 25 percent on new purchases.

For more information, visit Logitech online.

Top Image Credit: © 2011 Logitech.

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