Impecca designer bamboo keyboard & mouse

By Email author - Fri, 08 Jul 2011 12:20:00 GMT
Impecca designer bamboo keyboard & mouse

Impecca has been providing consumers with reliable electronics products for years, but now they also offer a more Eco-friendly alternative to the standard plastic and metal computer keyboard and mouse. The Impecca wireless designer bamboo keyboard and mouse set are two products that fully embody the style, innovation and affordability that this company is known for.

Although Impecca specializes in portable audio video products such as PDA chargers with docking stations, PDA portable audio systems, MP3 Player speakers, speakers for SD/multimedia cards, USB drives, digital picture frames and portable DVD players, the company has recently begun to diversify the brand through the development of "impeccable products" such as the bamboo keyboard and mouse set.

Impecca is determined to please customers worldwide by leading the industry when it comes to quality, sustainability and innovation. Impecca also hopes that each gadget they create is life-enhancing and practical to use, and the bamboo keyboard and mouse set helps to assure them a competitive stance in today's changing marketplace. By identifying, developing and utilizing some of the world's greatest technology, Impecca is able to develop unprecedented, unique and inexpensive products.

Today, since we spend so much time interacting with computers, Impecca became inspired by the growing push for sustainability and successfully eliminated many of the cold elements of plastic and metal that can make computer work feel so tedious and cold.

Their new wireless bamboo keyboard and mouse set comes in a variety of finishes, including mahogany, natural, espresso, cherry and walnut. The natural substance of bamboo creates a more inviting workspace and the sleek design will retain its appeal for many years, adding to the Eco-friendly attributes of this design.

In fact, although the mere replacement of plastic with bamboo does not make a product instantly 'green,' when electronics are paired with such a beautiful, functional and sustainable substance as bamboo, users are more likely to appreciate, care for and maintain the products. So in a way, simply by making an electronic device more natural, Impecca has very possibly prolonged the usability of the products, and in turn, reduced their carbon footprint.

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