Ford: Painting the Town Green

By Email author - Wed, 31 Aug 2011 14:20:00 GMT
Ford: Painting the Town Green

Image Credit: EcoBoost Engines © Ford Motor Company

Ford is raising the bar with its Eco-friendly vehicles, building fuel-efficient machines that reduce emissions and humanity's carbon footprint.

The company has stepped up to the plate and is working intelligently to embrace evolving technologies that produce cars of "good conscience." Ford is proving that it is concerned about the environment and doing not just what is economical, but what is ethical. Currently available are vehicles with EcoBoost Engines, Hybrid Vehicles and Electric Vehicles.

Ford's Taurus SHO and its 2011 Ford Flex feature EcoBoost Engines, a twin turbocharged direct injection (DI) engine with the power of a V8 but the fuel efficiency of a V6.

What is really great about the DI engine is that it delivers a fine mist of fuel straight into each cylinder, as opposed as dumping it into into the intake system. This innovation reduces turbo lag, which is the delay between when you press the gas and achieve the desired power and acceleration.

When it comes to hybrids, Ford has already delivered with the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Ford Escape Hybrid. The Ford Fusion gets 700 miles on one tank of gas (city driving) and can reach up to 47 miles per hour when in Electric mode.

The Escape Hybrid SUV is one of the "greener" cars in America, getting 34 mpg and coming soon is the 2013 C-Max Hybrid which will be available in the fall of 2012.

By then, Ford also plans to introduce its five new hybrid, full electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in midsize, compact and light commercial sizes.

Ford's goal is to continue developing and innovating Eco-smart vehicles that embody the future of progressive automotive transportation.

The company wants to provide customers with vehicles that are safe for the environment but don't dissapoint when it comes to performance.

To accomplish this, they are continuously striving to perfect technologies that will eventually help to do away with petroleum-based fuel usage, which so much of the world has come to heavily depend on.

For more information, please visit Ford online.

Image Credit: C-MAX Hybrid © Ford Motor Company

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