ecoskin recycled plastic cell phone cases

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ecoskin recycled plastic cell phone cases

Constructed from recycled, durable, high-grade plastic, the ecoskin range of products brings consumers cell phone skins that are both eco-friendly and antibacterial. Both the phone skin itself and its packaging are manufactured using recycled materials and are recyclable themselves. In addition, ecoskin is manufactured and marketed in a way that helps to reduce its carbon footprint.

In addition to being a 'green' option for cell phone protection, ecoskin is infused with silver ions to fight the harmful bacteria that can often build up on cell phones.

It has been found in several recent studies that cell phones can be a breeding ground for a variety of potentially dangerous bacteria, creating an environment that could be hazardous to the health of any person who has a weakened immune system. To combat this, a material known as Biomaster, which is also used in a variety of medical devices, is added to the ecoskin material.

Available ecoskin products include: ecoskin for basic mobile phones, ecoskin for iPhones and iPad, ecoskin for Nokia N8 and ecoskin for the HTC Desire with surely more to come. Ecoskins for certain models can also be customised with a bespoke printing service.

In addition, the company offers a convenient e-pouch that can be used for a variety of modern devices, including cell phones, cameras and MP3 players. The e-pouch comes in three eco-friendly material options, including bamboo, organic cotton and recycled plastic bottled (PET). In addition to being green, the e-pouch is beautifully designed and comes in a variety of colors and print designs.

Anokimobi Ltd. is the parent company behind the ecoskin and e-pouch products. Committed to bringing consumers environmentally responsible items, the company is also a member of One Green Earth, Ethical Junction and All Green Sites. Since both products and packaging is manufactured in the UK, the company's carbon footprint is greatly reduced. All products and all items involved in packaging are recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable.

For more information, the full ecoskin product line or to make a purchase online, please visit ecoskin.

Video: Biomaster explained. Image Credit Top: ecoskin for iPad, Anokimobi Ltd.

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