Ecobutton: One-click energy savings

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Ecobutton: One-click energy savings

The ecobutton has won awards for its revolutionary design, easily working with personal computers to reduce the amount of power they consume. Each time ecobutton is utilized it shows how much energy has been saved, thereby promoting positive behavioral change on the smallest of levels for an overall positive impact on the Earth.

Those who use ecobutton gradually become mindful to shut down electrical items and to switch off the lights in both their homes and offices.

The illuminated ecobutton simply rests on your desk top next to the keyboard and is connected to your computer with a USB cable. It is a powerful visual cue that encourages people to save electricity by not allowing their computers to sit idle when not in use.

Simply press the ecobutton if you desire to take a short (or long) break, make a call, or attend a meeting. This puts your computer into 'ecomode,' which is the computer's most efficient mode for conserving energy.


Image Credit: © Invent Technology Solutions Ltd

Ecobutton is a wonderful Eco-friendly alternative to having to fully power down your computer while it is not in use. Many people who do not have time to wait for the computer to restart do not shut their computers down, due to the long amount of time it takes for some machines to restart.

Ecobutton solves this dilemma and allows for a win/win situation: Energy is saved and users are still able to quickly turn their computers back on simply by pressing any key on the keyboard.

Each time a computer is put into 'ecomode,' the ecobutton software cleverly takes note of how many carbon units, power and money were saved by using the ecobutton. The savings in energy can really add up, especially in offices where a large number of computers might be left idle while not in use.

The data collected by ecobutton can then help users realize the true energy savings and economical impact of putting their computers into the most effective energy saving mode.

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Top Image Credit: © Invent Technology Solutions Ltd. ecobutton is a registered trademark

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