Eco gadgets for the kitchen

By Dave Armstrong - Fri, 08 Jul 2022
Eco gadgets for the kitchen

There are thousands and thousands of eco gadgets on the market so lets just zoom in on those designed for the home and see what’s cooking in the green kitchen this summer! Of course, it is always more environmentally friendly to continue to use the gadgets and appliances you have already, but when a new one becomes necessary, or you’re buying for someone just setting up home … what are the ‘must haves’?

A solar kettle

Running the average domestic kettle for teas and coffees at home costs around £25 – 35 per year in the UK. Save on this by investing in a solar chargeable kettle which will work in most reasonably bright rooms and can also be taken on camping trips or holidays too.

A solar kettle for the kitchen

Smart connections

Tailor your light and heating needs in the home by using a smart appliance or socket, or even better, a thermostat. They will learn your preferences and keep the room at the correct level, and smart appliances can be controlled when away from home. If you forget to switch off lights or set the central heating when you leave the house – these are definitely for you. Save money and spare the environment at the same time.

Smart connections for the kitchen

Reusable food wraps and baking sheets/towels/bags

OK, strictly speaking these are not gadgets as such, but every home uses these products and there are eco versions now. For taking lunch out, or keeping ingredients covered in the fridge and bread fresh or general kitchen storage, invest in some decent quality reusable food wraps and do not buy more cling film. There are many types now on the market, so have a think and work out which ones will serve your needs best. Many are waxed with bee wax, but vegan versions are also available. Compostable products include storage bags, food wraps, kitchen towels, bin bags, sponge type dish cleaners, freezer bags and coffee filters.

Eco gadgets for the kitchen

Manually powered processors

Instead of plugging in and powering up, roll up your sleeves and have an upper body workout next time you need to use the food processor or grate a kilo of carrots. Manually powered small appliances are making a comeback – once the mainstay of domestic activities in our grandparents and great grand parents’ time. Shun any electrical or battery chewing gadget if there is a ‘traditional’ manual version available – such as salt and pepper mills, mandolins, potato mashers, whisks – but ensure it is a long term investment by choosing a good quality product that will last a lifetime and preferably made from sustainable or recyclable materials.

Eco gadgets for the kitchen