Eco-Friendly Smartphone Apps

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Eco-Friendly Smartphone Apps

Many high-tech gadgets have been shown to wreak havoc on the environment, so it's nice to see technology giving back by providing useful Eco-friendly information for consumers at the touch of a button. Today's smartphone apps can help you track energy usage and reduce waste at home, appreciate the natural world and understand the science behind climate change.

If you have a large amount of kitchen waste, it may be time to plan your meals more effectively. Not only will this be good for the environment by reducing methane gas produced in landfills, but it will also be kinder to your pocketbook. To accomplish this, consider downloading a meal planning app for your smart phone in order to help you gain more control over the food you buy - and throw away.

When it comes to climate change, not everyone has jumped on board and many skeptics still exist, even among educated circles. The next time you find yourself confronted by a doubter, try using one of the new scientific fact apps to combat skepticism. These apps are available for most devices and can readily provide access to accepted scientific information about a variety of topics, including climate change. Article continues below.

Project Noah

Image Credit: Project Noah © 2011 Networked Organisms

In today's hectic world, sometimes it seems like we hardly have time for appreciating the beauty of nature. Get involved by using the Project Noah app, available at, which allows users to contribute pictures of local plant and animal life from anywhere on the globe. In addition, you can view lists of other species that have previously been spotted by other users in the area.

Some apps can even help you track and monitor energy usage at home using your smart phone, allowing you to see exactly where the most is being used or wasted. In addition, a variety of apps are available that allow users to control home security, lighting and even temperature at the touch of a button, making it easy to prevent unnecessary expenditures.

In addition, a variety of apps are available for mobile devices that provide countless tips on how to live a greener lifestyle. These can be very useful in educating users about the best ways to go green, bringing the latest information and innovations directly to consumers.

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