DIY Kyoto Wattson & Holmes Energy-Saving Devices

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DIY Kyoto Wattson & Holmes Energy-Saving Devices

DIY Kyoto has cleverly delivered a small and sleek device helping homeowners to achieve efficient management of their home's energy output.

This device, aptly named "Wattson" works with a partner software component called "Holmes" to render accurate graphs of all energy expenditures so that users can know where to take the necessary steps to conserve energy, as much as up to a 25% savings annually in electricity bills! Wattson gathers facts about a home's energy consumption, reveals this information to you in precise graphs and charts, and then helps you understand where and when to start saving.

Wattson is an environmentally friendly device that is also very easy to install. Every time you use an electrical appliance, it shows how much energy was consumed. An easy-to-read display that is visible in both light and dark shows how much electricity has been used in watts or in cost. The sleek device is both portable and wireless and can be used in any room in the home. Whether you live in a large home or an apartment, Wattson's cool, contemporary design nicely complements any decor. It also works as a mood light of sorts, as its display reads in both numbers and soothing colors.

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Image Credit: © DIY KYOTO & wattson

On average, Wattson uses only 5 watts of energy per day and this drops to even less than a watt when idling in low power mode. The low power mode also increases the life span of the Wattson rechargeable display battery by months. Although the device is 100% recyclable, DIY Kyoto is certain that you will never want to be without it.

Not only does Wattson store up to 28 days of electricity usage in its internal memory, an accompanying software provides daily, weekly and monthly files of how much energy is being used in your home. An online community can also be accessed where energy-saving tips and hints can be exchanged and put to good use. Wattson is also appropriate for big houses and small businesses that have a three-phase (415V) supply of electricity.

For more information, please visit DIY Kyoto online.

Top Image Credit: © DIY KYOTO & wattson

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