ZELE: Glamorous Fashion, Naturally

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ZELE: Glamorous Fashion, Naturally

For more than thirty years ZELE has been turning earthy, nature-inspired fabrics into artistic, high-quality fashion for women. Located in Poland, ZELE has a reputation that is deeply steeped in tradition, offering stylishly sewn garments that have been greatly appreciated among style-conscious women since 1979.

The company chooses to work exclusively with premium quality textiles such as flax, cotton, wool, cocoa and linen. Their clothes bear a unique style that is instilled with artistic patterns and an air of relaxed elegance.

The ZELE brand is characterized by excellent quality, graceful style, and an ecologically minded, earth-inspired vision for simple sophistication.

ZELE has attracted a loyal following in both national and international markets, with their largest presence in countries that are members of the European Union.

ZELE has a great love and adoration for its fabrics, a fact that is obvious from the language they use to describe the materials.

For example, heralding linen as ''one of the most noble fabrics…'' it is also noted that linen is also, therefore, one of the most expensive.

An eco-friendly fabric, linen is synonymous the world over with both casual comfort and elegant sophistication.

It is also highly resistant to damage and therefore is hardy in nature, faithfully seeing its owner through many seasons of wear.

Perhaps unknown to most, linen also has antibacterial attributes, making it one of the most highly desired fabrics for travel.

Linen is also universally renowned for being lightweight and is one of the most best ways to remain cool and fashionable in hot climates.

Unlike wool, linen does not cause allergies or rashes and is highly water-absorbent. A true ''fruit of the earth,'' ZELE uses linen in many of its designs for its timeless beauty and popularity.

ZELE is also a fair trade corporation, and all of the clothing it produces is chemical-free. In fact, more than 95 percent of the brand's collections are manufactured using flax, which is both biodegradable and eco-friendly.

More information available at ZELE online.

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