Stylish textiles don't have to cost the Earth

By Email author - Thu, 12 May 2011 12:55:00 GMT
Stylish textiles don't have to cost the Earth

It was not so long ago that the very stylish world of fashion and textiles did not sit particularly comfortably with the world of sustainability and caring for the planet.

People setting the style trends or wearing the latest fashions that have come off the world's runways certainly weren't known for their love and passion for the environment.

However, in the last few years there have been some changes in the world of fashion. Designers like Stella McCartney have been shining a very bright light on the how being eco-conscious and creative can now go hand-in-hand; and the fashion world loves it.

One of the problems for people interested in using 'green' or eco-friendly textiles is that they can spend a significant amount of time sourcing sustainable materials. To help with this a new website has been set up that allows professional designers and buyers access to sustainable material suppliers on a global scale.

The concept behind Source4Style is the brain child of Summer Rayne Oakes and Benita Singh, both of whom are well known visionaries in sustainable design and eco-fashion.

You can see exactly where the fabric has come from, how it has been made, what the product sustainability criteria are, etc. This means you can now spend more of your time focused on designing and creating rather than searching.

The basic idea is that this website is a premier global destination where you can search and source wonderful and luxurious sustainable and socially-conscious materials from around the world.

Designers and stylists have now kicked off an ''eco-revolution'' and green fashion is turning up on runways around the world and this service is now helping to continue this trend.

Sustainable design is a reality, so it is great that everyone can connect with leading suppliers of sustainable fabrics.

Creating a community around sustainable fashion design where people have access to the most 'green' and eco-friendly textiles is an exciting step in making our planet both stylish and sustainable.

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