Right as Rain is eco-fashion inspired by nature

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Right as Rain is eco-fashion inspired by nature

Taking the idea of natural beauty to the next level the team behind Right as Rain came up with the unique concept of planting and harvest shirts, thus leaving the design to the unpredictability of nature. After the t-shirt has been planted in the ground for two to three months they are 'harvested' and dried and then they are ready for wearing.

RIGHT AS RAIN eco fashion

By actually planting the shirts in the ground the material is exposed to nature and so each garment is one-of-a-kind. "We produce beautiful shirts, but it is nature who makes them truly unique" says Francesco Mugnaini, the design inspiration behind the concept. Because of the variance in natural factors, such as weather conditions and soil type, the t-shirts are end up totally unique.

One of the challenges the design team needed to overcome was that the material had to be able to react to the water, sunlight and the soil to be able to take on the look of nature. It was also imperative to ensure that no synthetic materials were used. An organic silk of the highest quality was finally chosen as the material able to give the best and most appealing results. If you are looking for some eco-friendly fashion that is just a little bit different then these shirts will be perfect for you.


Of course in keeping with the eco-friendly theme, the t-shirts needed to be produced locally. Sebastian Runde, an organic farmer says they have managed to produce a shirt that is made 100% in Italy: "Producing the T-shirts abroad in a country with low labour costs was out of question".

If this concept of green fashion appeals to you then have a look at Right as Rain's website for more inspiration.

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